Gallery 1957 About Us
It all stems from a work, a painting from 1957, a painting that remained in my mind and heart, which made me passionate about art and allowed me to eventually establish Geniame Srls. Our company, which takes the name of 1957 from that famous painting, today is engaged in the field of the dissemination of Italian art works internationally.
Galleria 1957 has recently chosen to reach its audience online, this marketplace is dedicated to the exhibition of works of art by emerging or established artists who wish to register and then publish photos of their works. Each work of art is however created by artists who have registered and who have been selected at the same time to provide customers with unique, original and certified works.
Italian art has always fascinated the world, even today in modern times we have in our country different artists who can offer their expertise and show unique works of art that can fascinate Italian customers, but also from the rest of the world.
The Geniame Srls marketplace is a place that wants to give voice to the artists, for this reason we do not deal only with a kind of works of art but we offer different types of works of art. The 1957 Gallery offers:
Hand-painted: fascinating paintings in intense colors, with various subjects, paintings of various sizes and with brushstrokes that distinguish the various artists.
Manufatti: in this section we offer sculptures, chalk, porcelain, design products made with innovative and different materials.
Photographs: photographs can be real works of art, they can capture unique moments, create wonderful and different scenarios.
From paintings to photographs, Galleria 1957 always tries to select high quality products. Here you will never find lower quality copies or products. This gallery offers to those who want to exhibit their quality works of art a place to be able to advertise themselves and consequently obtain an audience that can choose to buy one or more works of the artist. The works we offer can be certified, so not only will you buy a work of art but you will also have the certainty that this is original thanks to the presence of the relevant documents.
Our 1957 Gallery is born from the passion for art and with this that every day we look for new works to propose in line with our standards.