Your terms and conditions of use

** The buyer who intends to resell our product line has to offer it public at the same price offered on our ecommerce platform with a tolerance of + -3%. The strict control of prices to the public is an integral part of our sales policy.

The prior acceptance by the Supplier, the order attached to these conditions or the sending of the item in accordance with the same, will constitute consent of the Supplier in relation to the terms and conditions specified in the pages of the order. No other term may appear in offers, quotations, statements, confirmations and invoices received by the Supplier shall in no way modify or replace any term of these conditions, all orders of the Buyer shall be governed by these conditions, is that they are attached the order is that there is specific reference or less. In the absence of payment (Bank / Paypal/Bitcoin), the order will be canceled after 15 days.

2.QUALITY. The Contractor is required to perform the services / works / supplies covered by this purchase order with the utmost care and skill. The Supplier warrants that the goods were produced / provided in compliance with the specifications and / or procedures and the latest industry standards using high quality raw materials. The Supplier shall also ensure that the entire supply / provision of services is free from defects; meets the safety requirements; be of merchantable quality, properly labeled, suitable for the intended use and complies with all the technical specifications contained in the order or technical documents to which the order relates (drawings, specifications, specifications / technical standards, etc.). .

3. WARRANTIES. Unless otherwise written directions due to the peculiarities of the product, the supply is covered by warranty by the Supplier for a maximum period of 365 days from the date of delivery in relation to the vices normally recognizable, or the discovery of the defect in order to hidden defects. As equivalent to hidden defects also defects eventually discovered upon unpacking. The Purchaser shall notify the Supplier the defect within 60 days of discovery. Should it be found a defect of the good within that period, the Supplier shall promptly undertake the repair or replacement of the same at its own expense and in accordance with national and EU regulations.
If the product or service provided were to be sold to customers of the Purchaser, the Supplier undertakes to recognize the warranty applicable to second and compatibly with the resale contract in place for both the Buyer is the customer's final same.

4.TERMINI PAYMENT. The Purchaser shall pay the invoice within the period stated on the front of the order. The invoice will be sent to the Purchaser and report correct purchase order number, product code, full product description, quantity, and any other information required by the Purchaser or provided by law.

5.DELIVERY The responsibility for the delivered goods are transferred to the Buyer only with the regular taking over the part of this, attested by the signing of the transport document, the Buyer's premises or, in the alternative, in different places agreed to writing. Deliveries will be made during normal business hours to the destination indicated in the Annex or on the first page of this, staying at the Supplier's obligation to verify this in advance, unless otherwise specified by the Buyer.

6. CONFORMITY '. The Supplier warrants that the goods to be supplied is in compliance with EC Directives and national regulations transposing, is fully functional, is made in compliance with current safety marking prescriptions.

7.TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA AND CONFIDENTIALITY OF DATA. With reference to article. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03, the parties mutually agree to be informed that their data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of this decree, for all the purposes imposed by regulatory requirements and / or necessary and / or useful for fulfillment of this Agreement and that at any moment you can exercise your rights under Art. 7 of Decree 196/03. The Parties undertake to treat each other confidential information provided to or can become aware of them, just to achieve the purpose of this order, or use them for any other activity or to transmit them to third parties, unless specifically authorized in writing of part from which the information comes.

8. SHIPPING. For shipments requested by the Buyer, the Supplier must use couriers enabled and recognized nationally and / or internationally, with suitable insurance for the goods transported, taking care to transmit copies of relevant travel documents to the Buyer.

9.CESSIONE. This Order shall in no way be assigned or transferred to a third party by either party, partially or wholly, without the prior written consent of the other party.

10.RINUNCIA. Failure to claim by Buyer of the terms or conditions of this or the exercise of any right or privilege or the waiver of Buyer for infringement under this does not constitute a waiver of other terms, conditions or privileges of a similar type or similar.

11. SILENT CONSENT In the absence of written objections by the Supplier about the above, will apply the principle of tacit consent and therefore the bonds described above will be deemed accepted by the Supplier resulting commitment to the respect of the same, even in the absence of subscription

12. JURISDICTION. This agreement is governed by Italian law and any dispute relating to the interpretation and / or execution of this Agreement, the parties agree that the competent judge will be exclusively to the Court of Rome. The "terms and conditions of purchase standard" are used unless a specific and different agreed between the contracting parties. Consequently, in case of conflict between different clauses, specifications have primacy over general.

13. RESALE ONLINE. ** The buyer who intends to resell our product has to offer it online public at the same price offered on our ecommerce platform with a tolerance of + -3%. The strict control of public prices is an integral part of our sales policy. The abuses can be reported to our Online Surveillance service

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